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Mega Zing Solutions Private Limited – Providing Smart and Sustainable Solutions
We believe that renewable energy is for everyone. We envision that cities of future will be smart and self-sustaining on renewable energy. Investing in renewable energy projects, such as wind and solar energy projects, provides investors with a winning combination of sustainable financial and environmental returns. Until recently investing in these projects were the exclusive privilege of institutional investors and high net worth individuals. We believe that investing in renewable energy should be easy, transparent and available for everyone!

Renewable Energy

Meet the energy requirements of industrial heating through solar energy. You can save a lot by reducing your dependency on fuels like LPG.


It can be hard to act on climate change when the impact seems so far away. But the fact of the matter, climate change isn’t something that we’ll have to confront in the future. It’s happening right now, right here.


Expertise to establish clear economic and operational feasibility in all clean & renewable energy technologies and suggest optimal carbon reduction strategies.


Implementing an energy risk management program can protect your company from the negative financial and operational impacts of exposure to the energy markets.


We have an excellent network of highly qualified and experienced international professionals with sector expertise in – Agriculture, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Transport and other core sectors of the economy.

Sectors we work in

  •  Power Sector
  •  Renewable Energy
  •  Energy Efficiency
  •  Smart Grid
  •  Oil & Gas
  •  Hydro-power


  •  Risk Analysis
  •  Energy Benchmarking
  •  Demand forecasting
  •  Energy System modelling
  •  Operation Research
  •  Integrated Planning


  •  Adaptation Planning
  •  Mitigation Strategies
  •  Carbon footprint
  •  Cost-benefit Analysis
  •  Water Resource Management


  •  Technology Evaluation
  •  Market Potential
  •  Technology change
  •  Infrastructure Efficiency
  •  Digital/Mobile telecommunication

Environmental Expertise
For Tomorrow's Energy

Due Diligence

Due Diligence is the process of evaluating a prospective business decision by getting information about the financial, legal, and other material (important) state of the other party.
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Energy Trading

Critical to a company’s success is how it adapts its trading system to new business challenges in terms of efficiency and functionality. In a rapidly changing energy market, a smart and flexible trading system is a prerequisite.
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Energy Logistics

Need help to determine your best shipping solution, with us or a third party? Our logistics management and consulting services ensure that your business can reach clients and consumers worldwide.
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Bio Waste Treatment

We have used biomass energy, or “bioenergy”—the energy from plants and plant-derived materials—since people began burning wood to cook food and keep warm.

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